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OCEANSIDE, CA — MAY 6, 2024 — The Bergelectric Charitable Foundation’s (BCF) San Diego Region continues its support of the Armed Forces YMCA (ASYMCA) by donating $7,500 to the Fisher Children’s Center on May 6, 2024. Over the past 2 years, San Diego Region BCF and the Camp Pendleton ASYMCA have joined forces to support North County military families stationed at Camp Pendleton.

This is a difficult time for many of our military families. For many of our families, being stationed at Pendleton could be the second or third base and third or fourth move,” Camp Pendleton ASYMCA Execuitve Director Samantha Holt explained. “Much like in other communities, childcare and food insecurity are very real problems among service families. It can be hard on children to acclimate to new surroundings. Our programs help kids and parents with that transition.”

We have a nice thing going on with Samantha and her teams. The ASYMCA at Pendleton is a crazy diverse organization,” said Robert Norwood, Bergelectric BIM Detailer. “For any theme or direction that the BCF might choose, the ASYMCA offers a program that will fit that theme. In San Diego, we recognize that there are multiple ways to approach charitable efforts in North County. It turns out we have found a partner in the ASYMCA that is relevant to Bergelectric as a company, considering the work we have done and continue to do at Pendleton, addresses a real need in our local community and is compelling to folks in the San Diego region. Most importantly, let’s not forget the service families and military kids that benefit from these efforts. The whole thing is something.

Specifically, Director Mirna Nolasco took time to give a tour of the Fisher Children’s Center facilities. “The Fisher Center has programs that serve different child development stages, Nolasco reported. “We have dedicated providers for each developmental stage. The Fisher Center has grown over the past years and will need to continue to grow to meet our wait list needs. Indications are that the wait list will only grow longer.”

The Bergelectric Charitable Foundation is proud to be partners with the ASYMCA and will continue to support the many wonderful programs the group provides for service families at Camp Pendleton.

About the Armed Services YMCA:
The Armed Services YMCA is the constant in a military family’s life: on the home front and during deployment, when transitioning between bases, and in times of conflict and peace.
The Armed Services YMCA is an Association of the YMCA of the USA, specifically dedicated to serving active-duty military service members and their families of all 6 armed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. The oldest military support organization in the U.S., the Armed Services YMCA has been “Strengthening Our Military Family®” since 1861 through its 12 branches and 24 affiliate partners, serving 87 military installations and facilities nationwide. Our nationally and locally tailored programs and services for our nation’s troops and their families are offered at no or low cost and require no dues or membership fees.

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