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San Diego Children's Discovery Museum


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In June of 2018, the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation supported the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum with a monetary donation for their facility in Escondido, CA. At this time, Bergelectric also offered to build a custom electrical exhibit as a donation to the museum for use by children of all ages. This one-of-a-kind exhibit started as a brainstorm by many creative people at Bergelectric , but it wasn’t until the group brought their ideas to Wally M.–Prefabrication Manager (San Diego) that the exhibit finally started to take shape. Wally and his Prefabrication crew all pitched in on an exhibit that went through quite a few iterations before landing on the final design/concept.


The team landed on a box design to help maximize the number of children who could engage the exhibit (four sides). Features included interactive: positive and negative electrical connections, LED light displays, hand-cranks, sirens, buzzers, and fans. The exhibit looked great too–incorporating a colorful design that utilized the Children’s Discovery Museum’s logo and branding.


Bergelectric would like to thank everybody involved with the design, development, and construction of the electrical exhibit. A special thank you goes to Wally M. who put in a lot of time making the exhibit come to life during a busy schedule. This was a truly unique project for the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation and we appreciate your efforts.


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