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June 6, 2019

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SAN DIEGO, CA, June 6, 2019 Bergelectric’s National Projects and San Diego Division 3 supported the Toby Wells Foundation and Blue Apple Ranch in Ramona, CA.  Along with a monetary donation, Bergelectric volunteers spent an afternoon at Blue Apple Ranch helping them weed, rake, and plant their butterfly garden.

About The Toby Wells Foundation:
The Toby Wells Foundation strives to make a positive and meaningful impact by offering programs that benefit both people and horses at Blue Apple Ranch while also assisting and working with other non-profit organizations within San Diego County that serve youth, persons with disabilities and animals. We encourage and support carefully reviewed and selected programs that provide a brighter future for people and animals.


Toby Wells Foundation Vision/Guiding Principals:
The Foundation strives to be a center for positive change whereby grantmakers, grantseekers, and members of the San Diego community can exchange ideas, resources and work together to build a brighter future for both people and animals. At its core, the Foundation both believes in and fosters the power of collective action for the greater good.


For more information about the Toby Wells Foundation and Blue Apple Ranch, please click the links below:
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