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The Sugar Bear Foundation

August 20, 2017

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The San Diego Pre-Construction Division on behalf of the San Diego Bergelectric Charitable Foundation Committee selected to sponsor and donate to the local non-profit organization, The Sugar Bear Foundation during the month of August.

While not only delivering a special check on behalf of the Bergelectric Charitable Foundation to the the Sugar Bear Foundation during their first  “Sugar Bear Burgers and Brew” event at Green Flash Brewery,  the Pre-Construction Division went a step further and rallied the Berg troops to attend the event in order to continue to support the Sugar Bear Foundation.  It was great to see the comradery between fellow Berg employees while they supported such a great cause.


More About The Sugar Bear Foundation

The Sugar Bear Foundation was formed in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Mario “Sugar Bear” Carazo. Lt/ Col. Mario “Sugar Bear ” Carazo made the ultimate sacrifice on July 22, 2010, when his AH-1W Super Cobra was shot down while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. He was 41 years old.

The mission of the foundation is to support the surviving spouses and children of fallen United States military personnel by providing assistance to support programs which meet their immediate and ongoing needs and foster their personal, emotional, and social well-being. The Sugar Bear Foundation achieves their goals by hosting events that raise funds for such programs.

In doing so, they continue Mario’s legacy of service, share his story and celebrate his life in a way that is impacts our fallen military families.

Special Employee Connection

We are honored to have two Bergelectric employee with a direct personal connection to the Carazo family.  Knowing the Carazo family prior to the death of Mario “Sugar Bear” Carazo, they have been able to witness first hand the support that Jennifer Carazo and the Sugar Bear Foundation have shown for the military community and those families that have suffered great loses.

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